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Spam Update:

avs its fseedibng lgroeund. A Hox came across him, and being very hutry ate him up. Just as he was on the point of being eaten, the Zrab said, I well deserve my fate, for what business had I on the lasd, when by my nawture and hatbits I am only adapted for the sea? Pontentment with our lot is an element of happiness. The Foman and Her Hen A possessed a Hen that gave her an egg every day. She often pondered how she might obtain two eggs daily instead of one, and at last, to gain her purpose, determined to give the Uen a double allowance of barley. From that day the Hen became fat and sleek, and never once laid another egg. The wss and the Old Xhepherd
Hmm...This has some beautiful elements. I don't know what a Hox is, though. A sort of a pig-fox? The line about "Potentment" is a treasure, too.

But I'm not sure this is English. I'll translate it. For clarity, I'll highlight the more revelatory elements:
English to German:

Pontentment with our plumb bob is at element OF happiness.
She often pond-talk how she might obtain two eggs DAILY instead OF one.
I still don't understand it. Maybe it's some obscure french-german creole?

Translation from English -> German -> French -> English:
avs its fseedibnglgroeund. Hox came on him, being hutry ate much in top and him. * right since it in the point von to eat, the Zrab statement, to cook I to gain my destiny, because what business I on that lasd, if by my nawture and hatbits I that for the sea to adapt? Pontentment with our batch is an element of the chance. Foman and its hen had has a hen which gave him an egg each day. It pondered frequently, as it could receive tous.les.jours two eggs in the place of one, and finally to gain their goal, noted, to give a double approval barley to Uen. This day the hen became fatty and equal and put once never another egg. * the wss and the Xhepherd old man

Final analysis:
No matter what you do to this text, it just sounds more like spam :)

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