Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Random stuff for the weekend--

Badger gots boffer swords, and we boffed until he knocked my glasses off when I dodged into a swing. Good workout, he seems to be making me a paired shortsword and longsword. "Friends listen to you. Good friends make you weapons."

Best quotes for the weekend:
We managed to get free passes to the extended dance mix of Alien, the director's cut. They were doing those metal-detector wand checks at the door, looking for cameras, and the wand "beeped" after being passed over kaanah's, ah, groinal region. He laughed and said "piercings."
sdocat did one of his great double-take faces a little later on, and said "I hope he doesn't have a 'fat albert.' (pause) I mean, a 'prince albert.'"

Badger has theories about what a 'Fat Albert' might be. It involves pierced butt cheeks, the less said, the better--wait, too late. It's hard to make this stuff up.

Butterfly--roommate number 2--went to Fiesta Texas with us. We were trying to distribute seats for a ride--who was whoms' roller coaster date--largely based on who was more entertaining. I'm a bit of a coward, but mostly I just mutter and curse on the coasters. Butterfly said, "I can be a screamer if you want me to be." That won the coveted prize of "longest contemplative silence."

Director's cut of Alien--a must-see if you loved the original. Getting to see wide-screen, the details on the character's faces, some of the cut scenes add a lot of depth to the supporting victims. Ver' good film.


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