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Work rant--

Grumble. I've spent a lot of time working on making a database to track promotional materials (there's about a thousand pieces in our company, and no-one monitors their stock levels).

I work out a nice little report--just sketching, not actually implementing--that lists stock levels, two-year usage rates, and a safety threshold level to indicate a need for reorder.

Most people are totally happy with this. My actual boss's comment--bearing in mind that there is *nothing,* and I maintained the original promo tracking system for a while--"You need to make this into columns. I see the problem--you're used to antiquated systems. I'd like something little more user-friendly."

User-friendly, for him, means adding data that I can't get from an automated resource--stuff that I'll never know when it's changed, unless I go through the UNIX app to update all 700+ lines by hand.

However, this is a *spare time* project that no-one asked me to do, so he can just blow me.
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