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Work rant--

Grumble. I've spent a lot of time working on making a database to track promotional materials (there's about a thousand pieces in our company, and no-one monitors their stock levels).

I work out a nice little report--just sketching, not actually implementing--that lists stock levels, two-year usage rates, and a safety threshold level to indicate a need for reorder.

Most people are totally happy with this. My actual boss's comment--bearing in mind that there is *nothing,* and I maintained the original promo tracking system for a while--"You need to make this into columns. I see the problem--you're used to antiquated systems. I'd like something little more user-friendly."

User-friendly, for him, means adding data that I can't get from an automated resource--stuff that I'll never know when it's changed, unless I go through the UNIX app to update all 700+ lines by hand.

However, this is a *spare time* project that no-one asked me to do, so he can just blow me.


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Feb. 1st, 2006 09:39 pm (UTC)
I could probably hack together a quick-n-dirty code that periodically queries the other database and compares certain important fields to the last check it did, and if anything has changed, connect to your database and updates it. It would not be pretty, though, and would probably require the ability to connect to the other database, which may not be allowed/possible.
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