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They're coming to take me away, hah hah...

Well, I've done the stupid thing and signed myself up as the contact person for Interweave for my church. Interweave's the GLBT group there, and it's at the moment pretty stagnant.

In the short run, I've got three agenda items--get a monthly potluck/social/mini-forum started up. Some ideas for that:
Set 15-20 minutes aside for speaking. Request a "5-minute lecture" from a member of the group or a visitor.
Take up announcements on little cards at all the tables. Read them aloud as part of the speaking time.
Put up invites at Lobo's, Book Women, et cetera. Let's have some outreach from the church, not in-reach.
Have a special "flag"--a plastic wine glass or something--for singles, if they want. It's no secret that the Interweave group doubled as a dating service--let's make it semi-formal.
Make sure the other two Interweave communities from the other two UU fellowships are around to play.

Pride-fest. No Unitarian presence at all. This seems like a no-brainer, given that I'm on the hotlist for the group that puts Pridefest together in Austin.

Aaand, there's some talk about forming a committee of the "leaders" of the various GBLT groups in the city. Hoboy. That'll be fun, there's about 30 LGBT groups out there. Wheee, herding cats!

Whoof. Well, this'll give me something to fill in the void left after Prop 2 went through and my 4-8 hours/week of volunteering evaporated. Lord knows, I hate all this spare time I have...

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