Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Dark dreams last night. The one about being a Jew in the initial phases of the Holocaust was scary enough, but the "wake me up at six" one was very dark.

I was some sort of medium or necromancer, with some limited ability to see and talk to the dead--usually in the few moments before they discorporated to whatever afterlife waited for them.

Part of the backdrop of this dream was that I was sick, possibly cancer.

There was a lot of stuff--the dream took place at the university, so there was a lot of sitting at lectures and stuff, but it wrapped up with me walking to my car, when I realized I was already in the car. It's never a good thing when you can see yourself. That's a good sign that death is eminent. So I ran a little faster. My physical self was in the car dying, and my heart stopped while I was booking it down to the car, at the same time as the car's engine shut down.

I knew I didn't have much time and could feel myself starting to evaporate. I had just a few moments left when Whines came over the hill to get down to the car (in RL, we've been sharing cars a lot lately). This left me with about 30 seconds to try to wrap up everything I wanted to say to him before I faded away.

*shudder* Woke up crying.
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