Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Okay, so...

I'm a fan of WFMU. The WFMU Mp3 Blog provided me with the Japanese Jesus Christ Superstar, and they introduced me to Outsider Music (which is one of my manifold obsessions).

Currently, the collector of "Music in the Key of Z", one of the national experts on Outsider Music, is whoring himself for radio station pledges. The current pledge-whoring technique is: he's been playing Bolero in the background for the last hour and a half, and he and all the other volunteers are badly singing, with weird wa-wa effects, all the pledges. I'm waiting, WAITING, for him to sing my pledge. I'm afraid to leave my desk or check the phone, lest I miss my 22 seconds of weird fame.
Dammit, I think they scared off the volunteer that had my pledge by making her sing. A few minutes after I called in, a female came to the DJ, but they tried to make her sing, and she ran away. Grumble.

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