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It would be wrong to say that Ultraviolet is a triumph of style over substance.

Ultraviolet is the complete and utter defeat of substance, a 47-0 victory.

Ultraviolet is the slaughter of substance's entire clan, with style taking substance's women and cattle, but burning the lands so they will never grow again.

It is style's bestial snarl as it withdraws its scepter from substance's tortured body, substance whimpering, broken, violated, ashamed, only gasping "why?"

I quite enjoyed it, really. Though the serious, touching dialogue were the funny cracker bits in a soup of bright flashes, color gradients, and trite scripting. I think I might like to see it again, but then, I liked "Ishtar."
Edit: If you "enjoyed" this flim, somehow, you'll probably get a kick out of Whines' review of same!
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