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Maybe it's a trend--

The antithesis of cyberpunk's noire style, a well-manicured slap in the face of the post-apocalypse genre. Who says a dystopia has to look like one?

Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux, to a lesser degree Equilibrium--elements of the style woven into horrorfluff like Underworld or the strangely idealized cybergoths of Matrix--let's call it haute future.

What purpose does it serve? Beyond accentuating the common boob, of course. Does this unearthly, unhealthy level of chrome, vinyl and color-effect lighting serve to dehumanize the world? Render it more alien because it's so unlike the world we live in? Are we to be jealous of the inhabitants of these worlds, or is there no way to relate to them at all?

Is the only way to overthrow the tyranny of a futuristic overlord to have really, really good hair and an outfit that lovingly conforms to the inside of one's butt cleft?

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