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sore, tired, but not hungry...

LJ Mood: Beaten, but at peace
Music: the vendor selling pickles in the street, his voice stretching the trochee to its breaking point; a 12-12-12-123 base drone, occasionally suspended to gasp for air; Baktre's breathing in a tent at night with rain tapping counterpoint stacatto, remembered while picking letters out of a keyboard; a train at night; the slow decrescendo of two days of sleep dep; the even, unbroken rhythm of walking; The Flying Fish Sailors' "Goodbye, Mursheen Durkin"

It's been a day and a half, and I'm still picking out rhythms everywhere.

Renaissance Festival weekend. The best trip I can easily remember, with all the warmth and energy of when I used to go with my high school friends, back in the day. Me, Badger, kaanah and baktre started gathering our belongings at 6:30, finally had the car packed by 7:00--I packed a lot of food, enough, according to Badger, for four people to eat on for most of a week. Sue me, I overprepare, but nobody went hungry, and nobody had to eat overpriced Faire Food, save by personal choice. I broke down and had a deep-fried snickers bar (never again!) and a deep-fried ice cream (not as good as the deep-fried ice creams they had back when I was a kid). The downside, once Baktre/Whines' shopping was figured in, Kaanah and myself shared the back seat with three 12-packs, three bags of bagels and two loaves of bread, multiple blankets, multiple flavors of gatorade, and a box of goldfish. I've never been so intimate with a bottle of gatorade. Trust me, you'll never go back.

Hee. I'm still sleep-dep'd. That won't seem as funny tomorrow.

High points--all four of us temporarily crashing at 7:00 Saturday when the rain made any other option damply unpleasant. Playing in the drum circle for four hours, outlasting every other player even after taking a 30-minute break. I was playing my new didgeredoo--not only are my knees, elbows, hips, back and neck sore, my face is sore. I hadn't given my lungs that kind of a workout in...huh, ever. I hadn't played my didj seriously in six months, and then I was only messing around and practicing for a few minutes a week.

I always end up getting at least one or two costume pieces at The Rennaisance Festival--I mean, why else go? This time, I picked up a horse's tail. Badger has pointed out that I'm not as tall as a horse, so I had to really work to not pick up burrs and trip over what I was wearing. Quote for the day, from the village idiot: "Push it further in, the tail's still showing!"

Low points--Badger's always a little testy, so I had a few tense moments around him. I'm not sure if I liked the hour-long hike to the participant's entrance, though the free tickets were pretty cool. And the one girl that had less then no sense of rhythm--antirhythm, Badger called it--and was aggressively, if unintentionally, disrupting the drum circle, she was kind of irritating.

I'm not sure if hanging out with drunken frat boys and Rennies at 5:30 and listening to them yatter about their conquests or lack thereof the night prior was a low point, or not. It was amusing in a "why am I here? Oh, there are people talking" sort of way.

After playing didj for most of a night, I'm still finding little rhythms in everything. Hasn't gone away yet.

Added didgeredoo to my LJ interests list. After Saturday, I feel like I can legitimately say "I can play this (vaguely) musical instrument." Still have to stop to breath, though. Gotta work on that.

Anyway, such was the weekend. I'll remember it fondly for as long as I can, which is, probably, two years. Funny--I've known Baktre and Kaanah for, what, six months?, and their company was the best I've ever Ren-Fested with. Thanks, guys :)

Incidentally, here's whines/baktre's LJ of the event, for a second opinion :) And thank you, Whines, for posting my pictures!
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