Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Homage to the Ape--

Watched the original King Kong and the 2005 remake back-to-back. That was a LONG film session. But there were a few neat homage shots that stood out. In the 2005 finale, Jack Black's character stages an embarrassingly shallow song-and-dance around the feet of the bound Kong, with silly costumes and dances that are virtually identical to the establishing shot of the natives dancing and preparing their sacrifice in the early, "landing on the island" scenes of the original. That was nice.

The other good nod to the original film--there's an awkward and stilted scene in the original where The Girl meets and talks to The Guy for the first time. The dialogue's a little flat and hard to believe. That's the scene Jack films on the deck of the ship, where we start to get a sense of the budding romance between Writer and Girl.

Anyway, very tired...
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