Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

The usual ambivilence--

The Volunteer Coordinator at Equality Texas assumed I was going to be walking in the pride parade this year.

Reasonable assumption, considering the amount of hours--and cake and salsa--I've given their organization.

But I'm not sure about the overall good of the Pride Parade, whether it's a net benefit or not, with an edge of reluctance and mild cowardice about being as much "out" as to be in a parade. Protest marches are within my comfort zone, but even in the anonymity of 1000+ marchers, I'm not sure about functionally holding a sign saying "I'm gay and so's my boyfriend."

Mostly, that's about comfort zones.

The pride parade gives a focus for the GBLT(a?)s, a strong "we're not alone, and look what we can do" sort of push. It's also got an element of "not only are we alone, but there's someone like us, and they're not afraid to be festive". Useful, strong bonus.

The Strength in Numbers aspect, I don't know how that plays out.

The negative side, is that conservative, moralistic and hostile group gets galvanized at the sheer level of weirdness, and becomes more hostile, conservative and moralistic, as if the presence of gays strutting in their leather and sailor suits confirms everything they knew. This is harmful, but I seriously have my doubts about whether there's anything the GBLT community can do to "win them over" except being and acting straight. So if a bigot gets more bigoted, is that actually harmful?

Someone argued that if someone was neutral on the issue, the presence of the Central Texas Bears in full regalia might push them over to hostile. But I'm really not sure that anyone *is* neutral. You're either tolerant, in which case you can say "hah hah, look at the funny queers," or you're intolerant, in which case you'll say "Look at those weirdos, I don't want that in MY city."

There are a few people I've met that were so flamey and catty that they kept me in the closet for an extra year or two, but I don't know if I feel that way about the pride parade, because it's intended to be a spectacle and a mardi-gras-type inversion of the normal state of things.

Babble, babble.

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