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Nearly finished!

They said it couldn't be done!

No, not really. They said, why are you doing that?

No, not really. Actually, they said "thanks for your purchase."

I'm almost finished with the banner I'm making for PRidefest for my churh. It's pretty enough, and there are a lot of letters in "First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin."

The biggest section of clean, flat land I've had to work on this 3X4 beast has been our queen-sized bed. So the bedroom is now covered with bits of felt, swaths of felt, permanent markers, and bladed instruments--at least five of those, counting scissors, box-cutters, and an enigmatic but very sharp trick knife-pen.

As with the cracker crumbs, all the bladed instruments have ended up on Whines' side of the bed, but I think that's only because that's where my desk is, not from any latant hostility.
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