Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


Got some writing done on the bus today. That was nice. I forgot how much free time for thinking and reading and writing you can get by riding the bus. Anyway, these aren't great, but I had fun with them...


Last night you caught me, and I,
Not so unlike your tiny prey,
Spent hours inside your trap.

Who entangled whom? Your house
Is mine, that selfsame dust we share,
We weave together, and breath each other's air.

When I lay beneath you, am I devoured,
Or do you a vigil keep, and thrill
To breath that sings along your silk design?

So fine a line--if it could trap a vision,
Or could cocoon a dream--to savor
Past the dawn--then would I wrap

Myself with you, and best you kiss for kiss,
For something as fluttering as a wish,
Brief as a mayfly's prayer,

Demands a trap of silk, and yields
To stealth, to grace, only to a hunter
With traps of mist and air.
Tags: poetry

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