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My heart is in the desert...

Argh...I just bought "Alhazred" from Amazon. It's a novelization, first person, of Abdul Al'Hazred, the author of The Necronomicon. I got to page 30 or so, just when he's about to be exiled in the desert and has spoken to what may be an avatar of Nyarletothep.

It's a huge book, and I've been hungry (Ia!) for some reading that wasn't fluffy fantasy or nonfiction reference books. I'm quite pleased with it, except for an odd penis fixation in the first couple of pages (I guess technically if you're writing first-person as a male, maybe you'd have a lot of time on your penis, but I really don't think about my penis quite that much, even as a literary device.) It's also Dramatic Foreshadowing, if you've read the same author's Necronomicon (Donald Tyson wrote it, it's very good, more a journey-book/fiction than a technical manual of magic), you'll be expecting the penis fixation, and there's a good reason for it, but it's a little off-putting to encounter the author's penis in paragraph one, even as a dramatic element.

He likes him his penis.

Anyway, both of Tyson's Lovecraft-inspired books are worth reading. And I'd really rather be reading them now.
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