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Afte eating something similer (but better) at Z-Tejas grill, I attempted stuffed poblano peppers last night. The journey of discovery began by discovering that the grocery store is not my bank account's friend, but there were a lot of fussy ingredients.

I got eight poblanos, cut open they little bellies and scraped out the seeds, and added a few spoonfuls of chopped up apricot, pecan, and softened raisins. On the stove, I made a sauce out of whipping cream, broiled tomato, ancho sauce, Jack cheese and a jalapeno, then let that simmer for a while before adding in a few scoops of brown rice to bulk it up a bit, and a bunch of half-grilled chicken breasts, chopped fine. Once that had cooked enough--and after Path had served himself a bowl of ancho cream and apricots over rice when I wasn't looking--I stuffed the peppers, getting my hands all whipped-cream-and-peppery, baked them (not quite long enough, it turns out--the poblanos were still a little crisp, which was kind of fun but not the effect I was going for), and served sprinkled with lots of Jack (cheese, not Daniels) and a drizzle of canned mole' sauce, sweet and a little smokey/chocolatey.

Turned out pretty well, better after I put the peppers back in to bake some more. The peppers I had at ZTejas were more flavorful--they had red poblanos instead of green, which probably helped, and I think their sauce was a little stronger and didn't have the rice. Plus, they knew what they were doing. But overall, a very satisfying dinner!

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