Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Year to Date photo highlights--

I've spent most of today working on getting my Flikr galleries up to date (yay, day off!) Here's some of the highlights...

Some recent stuff from this week--
7/2/06: Botanical Gardens I7/1/06: Physic Readings

Some shots from Whines and my trip to Springfield, starting with Abraham Lincoln's outhouse, ending with Whines's mom and dad--
4/9/06: Abraham Lincoln's Outhouse4/9/06: Josef's cat 14/9/06: Elija Iles House 34/9/06: Springfield House4/8/06: The Abraham Lincoln Museum 3

Tex's Birthday--
2/11/06: Tex's birthday at Spaghetti Warehouse

Excalibur Faire--
3/17/06: Excalibur Faire VIII3/17/06: Excalibur Faire XII3/17/06: Excalibur Faire III3/24/05: Bare-chested ungulates3/24/05: Excalibur Faire XVI

My Birthday--
3/5/06: Natural Bridge Caverns XII3/5/06: Natural Bridge Caverns II

Sexual Deviancy--
4/24/06: Pride Fundraiser I3/17/06: Excalibur Faire XISpotty's new banner4-29-06eeyore2

Random stuff--
6/20/06: Sprinkler, Zilker Park6/20/06: Black Dog, Road6/20/06: Josef II

...and Plague.
6/20/06: Josef and Plague6/3/06: Plague Pride III4/24/06: Plague

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