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Weekend in retrospect--

Another four-day weekend squandered :) I don't know if it was quite as full as it could have been. Most of Saturday Whines and I went thrift-store bopping and hanging with the furries, Sunday was more of the same except we went for an hour-long walk around town lake with Plague, and I made beef fajitas for dinner, it's fun to try new things.

Monday, spent all day playing with flickr and photos, which was a lot of "fun" in the ob-com sense of the word, and Plague discovered Mr. Hedgehog in the back hard.

I have not worked hard at developing a relationship with Mr. Hedgehog, as it appears to hate all life, everywhere.

I respect that.

Tuesday, happy Fourth. I can't let the Fourth, Thanksgiving or Christmas escape without one of the big ritual meals with my family, so I made an apple custard pie (two cups of whipping cream were involved, I'm not sure it was worth it), and Whines and I sallied south.

It was very raining when we finished dinner--rather than lugging the picnic gear out to the park to see the fireworks, since, again, it was raining, and not just sprinkling, but a "that'll be good for the lawn" sort of rain. But we always see the fireworks. So, despite the very good odds against fireworks, we squelched our way downtown with plastic garbage bags over our heads. Eventually, Path joined us.

Amazingly, there were fireworks, so diligence/stupidity is rewarded.

Looking forward, I've probably got six hours of catch-up work, and a couple of scary things down the road. I've asked my father to have dinner with me this Thursday--haven't spoken to him for more than two minutes, total, since 2001.

And Saturday, Whines gets to meet my co-workers. *shudder* That's way more "out" than I'm comfortable with, but it's good to stretch and evolve.


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Jul. 5th, 2006 01:31 pm (UTC)
Ugh, however did you get down there and find a spot? We wandered aimlessly through the traffic looking for parking and when it started raining and still the streets were clogged with crazy bastards, we gave up and went to olive garden. :p
Jul. 5th, 2006 03:40 pm (UTC)
We parked on 5th and Lamar near the old Goodwill drop-off, and Path parked at the Whole Foods parking lot. We do this every year, so we've got our places picked out.
Jul. 5th, 2006 10:59 pm (UTC)
Mmm, we gotta make it with you next year. We got there around 8 and things were absolutely insane!
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