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Minor work gripe for the day:

The scene: Hyena's cubicle. Ten minutes ago, request for book package with vague list was sent in. Hyena has acquired ISBN for package, as well as making a list of books to include with the package, and manufacturing costs and retail costs, added into the right (all the way down the right, because hyena got lazy and used =SUMIF instead of putting a neat subtotal down at the bottom. But at least columns are a different color. Hyena is under the impression that when doing something for basic review purposes, it doesn't have to be neat, just functional.)

Tard Boss: "What is this?"
Hyena: "It's Jodie's book package for region 7."
Tard Boss: "What's region 7?"
Hyena: "I don't know, I think it's Los Angeles."
Fussy Tard Boss: "Well, write that at the top of this report and give it to me again."

(Two minutes later)

Hyena: "Here you go."
Condescending Fussy Tard Boss: "Well, aren't you something."
Hyena: "There's the totals at the right."
Condescending Fussy Tard Boss: "What is all that?"
Hyena: "That's the manufacturing cost and the total."
Confusing Condescending Fussy Tard Boss: "We don't want anyone to see those."
Hyena: "Okay, I'll take those off."
Confusing Condescending Fussy Tard Boss: "It's good information, I'm glad we have it."
Hyena: "...kay,"
Confusing Condescending Fussy Tard Boss: "This on the side just looks...really weird."
Hyena: "I just dashed something off, it's not for a presentation."
Tard Boss Hell-bent on Destroying my Fragile Sanity: "You should have put it in a subtotal, at the bottom. Right here." (demonstrates with finger.) "That'd be nice and neat. This--" (points at total in long, repetitive column running down right) "This is very confusing."
Hyena: "Oh. Well, it was just to get facts thrown together, not for a presentation or anything."
Tard Boss: "It's just not very clear, and kind of funny looking. I mean, you don't seem to mind this, but I need things to make sense."
Hyena: "I'll be tearing your head off now."
Tard Boss: "I value that kind of clarity."

Argh. Why is this man in charge of so much of my life? I feel like every time he reiterates a point that I understand, or clarifies something that's so damned clear birds are crashing into it, he marks a little "you're stupid and I'm superior to you" check somewhere. And that's not something you want your direct supervisor checking off.

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