Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

...You can buy happiness on Aisle 6.

OMG, the new Asian supermarket on the corner of Braker and Lamar is fantastic. It's easily the size of one of the new large HEBs, and SOO full of asianny goodness. Wow.

It still doesn't have the dried yams that I'm addicted to, though. Those seem to be rares, along with timber wolves and Mox Cubic Zirconiums.

The produce selection's smaller than HEB and much weirder, but the prices--when the selection overlaps--are competitive. Better on some things.

They sell jellyfish. Yay!

They also sell happiness. It cost a little much, six dollars, so I didn't get any, but everyone's getting happiness for christmas.
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