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Okay, I've spent a ton of time over the last few weeks getting my Flickr photos in order. One of the big things I've been doing is tagging my photos to get people's pics in one "place"--it's tedious, because I have something like 1400 photos, but I've gone through them all, first pass.

Khime and Kristov, April, Butterfly,Claire, David and Tenar, Ed and Dierdra (including wedding pics), Eddie Wilfong, Ip, myself, John Marques, John's family, Josef, Kaanah, Kelly Nine, Jeff and Katie, Laird, Chris "October", Nick, Lee, Jamie and Veronica,Path, Samantha

If I've left you out, it may be because I just didn't have that many photographs. Drop me a response and I'll spend some time tagging your images. Next, I have to get the old photos from my Camarilla days together and pull the good ones out! I'm working on Amanda right now.
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