Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Simpsons and Wolverine question:

I'm reading/editing one of the books we've released, and it's got what I think is a fact error. In fact, two fact errors.

The first is about Wolverine of X-Men fame--for some reason, the book says that Wolverine has "deadly fangs." I Wiki'd this one, and it said he's got longer-than-normal canines, but that sounds like a cosmetic thing. Does anyone know if Wolverine's fangs are, in fact, deadly? It's certainly not something he's known for, bub.

Secondly, Lisa Simpson--the same book (I think it was written by someone who's a little out of the pop culture loop), has the following paragraph:

"Like other girls her age, Lisa is in love with Corey, a boy in a magazine. Lisa is constantly calling the Corey hotline, and she says Corey is her 'one true love'."

I *have* seen the Corey Addiction episode, but I don't think I've ever seen a reference to Corey beyond that episode. If Corey is a running joke, it's so far and few between that it's not really a character trait that deserves an entire paragraph.

I'm a little more worried about fringe stuff--Wolverine *might* have used "deadly fangs" in one issue or something--than general rules.


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