Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Good little day :)

Whines came back this morning. Spent a few hours playing with Photoshop until I had to run to pick him up at the airport, and the woman at the parking lot exit let us go without the usual $2 fee, even though we were technically a few minutes late. Got home, lounged for a bit, then went to a coffee shop I hadn't been to, it's extremely LGBT-friendly (I understand a gay couple runs it and hires mostly queers) and has poetry nights on Monday, called Genuine Joe's. I noticed our church was having a meeting there that afternoon. Drinks were tasty, but a little watery--maybe they use low-fat milk or something. *shrugs* Then found some fun stuff at Goodwill--a terrible little pot from China, a Nativity set with two jesii and a shepherd with a serious moustache problem, some pretty rainbow drinking glasses, then we went home, and Whines set up the Atari Flashback (thanks, Amanda!!) and I'm grilling coconut-lemon grass tofu and chicken :) Yay, partner back after most of a week :)

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