Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Tired, tired, tired...

Spent the last few days moving my mother across town, from her home in Westlake to her new home off Manchaca and Stasney. It's a bit of a snug fit, she had a bigger house before, but it's a great neighborhood--three nice thrift stores nearby, a good movie theater, a Borders Books and a Central Market. I'm actually a little jealous!

8/18/06: Patti's Room

Here, you can just see Patti hiding behind the mountain of stuff shoved in her garage. Ouch. There should be a storage space equivilent of Astroglide, there was so much stuff to cram in there.

8/18/06: Garage

Whines helped both days, for which everyone in my immediate family, including myself, was intensely grateful. Nobody deserves moving in 110-degree heat.

8/17/06: Josef takes a nap.

Two of the cuter moments--we took Plague along for some clean-up at the old house. He likes car rides, and whenever there's an open door he hops in--this time, he jumped onto the back of the car when I was packing up the trunk, and clung there like a Garfield suction cup plush, afraid to back down, unable to climb in. It was really cute, but he moved just a second too fast for me to get a shot.

My old chocolate lab, Bella, was not a fan of the new house. She demonstrated this by hopping into the minivan we were using and crouching underneath the barbeque pit, not budging, and demonstrating all the mobility of a large bowl of mashed potatoes.

8/18/06: Dog in Van I

8/17/06: Bella at the Door

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