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Burning plastic, extended base drone--

Game for Friday evening--attempt to make a didjeredoo out of PVC. Attempt met with modest success. Found out that PVC could be worked at boiling temperature, but when the plastic expanded in the heat it undid whatever shaping I'd managed to do. Took pot of water, put in sink, played with open gas flames. That did the trick. Was able to mostly shape a mouthpiece, get an interesting elongated "S" shape, and get a good, resonant sound that was a note higher than my other two didj's.

Requires a little too much air for a sound that's really slightly lower quality than my others, though. I think I'm going to cover the mouthpiece with beeswax and pass it on to the fifth most annoying person I know, who wants a didj, and raise his status to second or third most annoying. I mean, yes, I made this, but I'm not going to play it if it's not worth the effort, and I certainly don't want to blow three days decorating the darn thing.

I'm thinking a leitmotif of garou pictographs, white on black.

Someday, there will be a horrible crisis, and someone will say the sentence I will be uniquely prepared for: "This man needs six didgeredoos, stat, or we're going to lose him!"
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