Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

New icon :)

From a weird cartoon-advertisement on a collection we rented, about the KOOL Cigarette penguins and how they lovingly craft their cigarettes. The basic plot, the earth is struck by a terrible heat wave, and only smooth, mentholated Kool can save the planet from global warming--strangely topical, 70 years after its 1935 release. In the final scene--after cigarettes rain down like snow across the city--the penguins even give Lady Liberty one to puff on, and she pushes her crown down over her head at a rakish, devil-may-care angle.


Anyway, I couldn't capture the entire moment in 40K without screwing up the video quality beyond recognition--I wonder what 2-color palates look like? But I think I captured the basic idea :) Is it immediately recognizable as the Statue of Liberty?
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