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Hee hee...well, my office knows I can cook now, and the cake requests are already starting up :) Spent the morning making a chocolate cake for my ex-boss, who's done so many nice things for me (Fighting for my job every six or eight weeks for a year, helping me through my breakup and the after-effects, even offering me a loan if things got really bad). Everyone liked the cake (except me, but there's no pleasing some people...).

Oof. I'm seeing about five pumpkin pies in the next three days. One for Badger, one for Butterfly, two for my house (pumpkin and pumpkin-tofu), two for Nasco...yay, squash!

Complaint for the day--most icing recipes call for powdered sugar, but powdered sugar is the quickest way for something to taste nasty and store-bought. Ah, well--one of the cakes next week is going to be another Bailey's cream cake, which has just whipping cream, sugar and irish cream in the icing.
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