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Whee! Managed to get myself run down by a bicyclist today walking through Zilker park. He was going (according to Whines, I didn't see anything) really fast, and there were a lot of curves on the hike-and-bike trail so you couldn't see too far ahead, and I thought I was crossing away from him but went directly into his path. Ouch! I ended up flat on my back on some timber they'd used to edge the trail, conked my head pretty hard on some lumber, but it could have been worse--there was a drop of a few feet on the other side of the path, and most of the impact to my skull got absorbed because I landed on my poofy hair.

He hit the ground too--I think he tried to get off his bike so most of what hit me was bike, not him. He was okay, but his i-pod was in a few pieces. I apologized profusely and wobbled off, once I figured out what happened, which took a few seconds.
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