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Busy weekend so far!

Whew, Saturday was exhausting! Brian Boyko had come down for a few days to do some job stuff, which led to some airport trips. As long as we were going to be in southeast Austin, I got it in my head to go down to Lockhart, Texas. Lockhart's a tiny little town about 30 miles south on 183. Now, they do currently host Excalibur Faire, which is pretty cool as such things go, but beyond that, it's known for Texas's best barbeque, a thriving antique business, and pretty much nothing else. We happened to get there when they were having a "Dies y Seis" festival, so they had brought the tents and booths out and were playing, weirdly, a lot of rap--including "Play that Funky Music, White Boy", which was totally out of place, and yet perfect.

9/16/06: Vogel Furniture9/16/06: Vogel Furniture II9/16/06: Lockhart City Hall9/16/06: Lockhart City Hall II9/16/06: Java Motion coffee shop, Lockhart

After that, we dropped Brian off at the airport, and did some more thrift-store shopping. Some of the highlights--I won an auction for what may be the second-biggest bean bag chair in the world, saw a couple scary-big massage chairs--very space-techy--and Josef got a fridge for his office. Someone had spelled "WOMP" on it in magnetic letters. I found this quite amusing.

9/16/06: Womp!

A little later, I begged Nick to stop by and help us load up the beanbag chair--it was way too big to fit in my Saturn! and we had a brief tour through the asian grocery store and then a nice dinner at Pei Wei.

9/16/06: Kasugai Beans and You9/16/06: Durian Chips9/16/06: Mutant Coconut9/16/06: Chicken Drink

Some good Japlish and just strange concepts--I'm pretty sure that no matter how friendly the approach, there will be no relationship between me and Kasugai beans. I'm scared of the "gelatinous mutant coconut," and chicken drink tea sounds rather dubious.

We managed to get the new beanbag chair into the house, though it was a REALLY tight squeeze. The thing is about six feet wide, and is now dominating one side of the living room. We did some things that I'd been thinking about for a while--moved the scary bowling alley couch into the kitchen as a dining nook--but there'll be several trips to Goodwill in the future to slim down, since the overall shuffle of the house cost some shelving space (and generally highlighted how much crap I own that's not strictly necessary).

9/16/06: Love Sac Rollin'9/16/06: Giant Love Muffin

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