Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

One of those months.

*sigh* I'm just a little bit outside my happy place right now, and haven't written much. Thankfully, it's nothing to worry about, just little things.

The next year has a lot of real estate trepidation. If all goes well, Whines and I will be striking out to get a new home. The plan is to start looking in February, researching the market, and then buy in May-June. But the fear-factor is downpayments, paperwork, the rough transition when the lease is about to expire.

Work's a little rough. Nothing terrible, just mildly unpleasant boss and a little more than I can do, every day. That piles up, though. And with the financial demands on my company, I question whether I'll have a job here in February.

Having to adjust my spending habits--I can't go Shopping. For, like, a year. Grumble.

The flip side of all this--I'm more prosperous than I've ever been, I have the money to pursue a dream, a relationship that's stable enough to support it. All these "problems" are just the flip-sides of blessings. But the sum of all the little things is more than a bit exhausting.

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