Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Long weekend!

Whew! Well, the weekend began on Thursday, Whines and I taking a day off just to putter around. Did a lot of shopping and almost no buying--except for--a pair of silver velvet pants. Woohoo!

Friday, we struggled to get out of the house to go up to Dallas, to visit squeakymaus and tenar10r. We played around a bit, ate way too much--I was particularly pleased when we stopped by a chain ice cream shop that happened to have an Indian proprietor. They had saffron/almond/pistachio ice cream. OMG, it was wonderful! If it had a little bit of cardamom, it would have been perfect.

Saturday, we went to the Texas State Fair.

Some of you might see the problem here. Neither of us being sports fans, we had no idea that this was the weekend of the OU vs. UT Cotton Bowl game. Wow! So many people. Parking was a bitch, it could have been a lot worse, and darn, but the lines for the corn dogs were huge. Not much interest in the French crepes, though :) I had an order of Wisconsin Cheese Curds, fried to perfection. A little on the bland side, but the texture was wonderful.

It was great seeing Maus and Tenar, and I'm glad to be home! Only minimal money spent (after a nasty $700 bill on my car for overdue maintanance). The Dallas Zoo was fun, and I got a huge, adorable stuffed hyena, maybe 2' tall.

Tonight, I'm going to make saffron/almond/pistachio/cardamom-flavored bread. Wish me luck!

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