Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


Made chicken and dumplings from scratch (none of that sissy Bisquick (TM) in my house!) on Saturday night from 7-9, and blueberry and cheese blintzes this morning from 11:15-12:45.

I'm SOOO full and I think I've gained five pounds over the last week :)

I've never made crepes before, they're fun! Once I got the hang of it, anyway. The first ones I made fell apart, but the 15 or so I did after that were mostly perfect. I don't think the ricotta filling was ideal--something a little lighter and simpler would be more satisfying and there'd be more of the nice fresh crepe flavor.

For the next month, though, I'm not making anythign that takes more than 30 minutes to cook :) That's too much kitchen time!

The Chicken and Dumplings recipe was one of the two recipes that got me to make up with my father after four years' silence--that, and his potato salad. It was a nice flashback to my childhood. Mmm.

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