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This Month in Thumbnails--

Some of the better photos from the last month--
10/7/06: Strange Bowling Sculpture 10/7/06: Texas Shoeshi Roll 10/7/06: Shoe Horn 10/7/06: Romance

From the Dallas State Faire--a strange, abstract bowling sculpture, "Shoeshi," "Shoe-Horn," and Romance.

this shot of Marilyn, again from the state fair, is one of my new favorites--
10/7/06: Larger than Life

A bootleg David Bowie, the State Fair ferris wheel, and Buttery Marilyn
10/7/06: Bootleg Bowie 10/7/06: Ferris Wheel 10/7/06: Buttered Marilyn

And from the Dallas zoo--Meerkats!!
9/8/06: Meerkats I9/8/06: Meerkats II

A bit of juvenile giggling from the gay district of Dallas--Dickason Street, and Marilyn's Open for Business.
10/6/06: Around the Gayborhood10/6/06: Paint with Colors

From a recent trip to Fredericksburg, TX--Phil Jackson's Amazing World of Things, Staircase with Glass Globes, and some tables that were pretty much devoid of context when I found them.

9/15/06: Amazing World of Things 9/15/06: White Staircase 9/15/06: Tables in Blue9/15/06: Tables in Blue II

From "Requiem," an art event in Downtown Austin, where the abandoned Intel building is lit with colored floodlights and dancers stroll casually up and down the side of the building, float in space, and dance through rainbow fog. Amazing performance, running thru early november. Unfortunately, a performance that doesn't allow photography.
10/5/06: Requiem 2

Keeping Austin Weird--Where's Waldo?, The Floribunda Lawncouch, and Metal Things
9/30/06: Where's Waldo? 9/17/06: Floribunda's lawncouch 9/17/06: Ironworks
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