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Many small santas--

Took Badger and Butterfly to see "The Famous Christmas Store," a large building stuffed with ornaments, trees, trimming, trappings, and other Christmas semiessentials. I never expected Butterfly to get so into the experience as she did, she was quite Jolly, picking up nearly every ornament and buzzing about how beautiful everything was. Badger is apparently a Christmas junkie, and he was just ecstatic, though we all had a strong sense of how little money we had. It is a season where want is most keenly felt.

Best purchase of the evening--SantaCam! By now everyone's seen those rainbow-glasses type things where you put them on and point light sources have ghost images around them, like floating dollar signs, confetti, or...giant glowing santa faces. Wheee! We put on the SantaCam specs and went to the side of the highway to look at oncoming traffic. "Oh my gods! Christmas is gonna GET me!!!"
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