Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Huh, truth in advertising.

This one comes from Motorsport Warehouse (or has spoofed their address). Now, those that know me well know my intense fondness for motorsports of all sorts, it ranks super-high up there with the raw, unadulterated joy I feel when someone tells me about their D&D character.

Anyway, probably just a spoof. Along with a zipped archive containing...something, I'm not going to check what, is the following message:

Mail server report.

Our firewall determined the e-mails containing worm copies are being sent from your computer.

Nowadays it happens from many computers, because this is a new virus type (Network Worms).

Using the new bug in the Windows, these viruses infect the computer unnoticeably.
After the penetrating into the computer the virus harvests all the e-mail addresses and sends the copies of itself to these e-mail addresses

Please install updates for worm elimination and your computer restoring.

Best regards,
Customers support service.


Honesty--it's the best policy!

("Using the new bug in the Windows"?)

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