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No rest for the spotted--

Whew, it's been an exhausting couple of days, and I don't see it letting up until Wednesday!

Friday--fundraiser for the church Pagan group. Tarot readings, masseuse--that's what you call a bunch of mice in French--rune-readings, et cetera. I mostly guided traffic and helped collect money, since my tarotosity is nearly zero, but the fundraiser brought in $190, which is amazing by pagan standards, considering the whole event was volunteers and no money down.

Saturday--RenFest! Butterfly, Whines and I boogied out at 7:00 (sorry you couldn't come with, Amanda!) and trucked down to TRF, making it there at almost 10:00. Wandered around the campus for a while, seeing the sights--I have to say, there were a lot fewer barbarians wandering around this year, which was sad, they're some of my favorite attractions, but a beautiful "sun god and moon god" costumed pair (I've got photographs, just not on-line right now). Ate well, didn't spend much money (got a few CDs and that's all), left early to avoid navigating Houston at night.

Went to Houston and spent the night with my grandmother. She'd been having some medicine problems and was a little bit shakier than normal, but she was good company, gave us crashspace for the night, and she and I were both happier for the time together.

Then, Moody Gardens in Galveston--indoor rainforest, nice aquarium, and some fun exhibits on acoustics and musical instruments. Much fun!

Monday--a little rest, but I need to prep for the Samhain ritual at church Tuesday.


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Oct. 30th, 2006 06:52 pm (UTC)
sun and moon are there every weekend-- they are on staff, added when they did the "gifts of the new world" theme a few years ago.
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