Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

The Month in Photos--

11/4/06: No Tresspassing
A nice shot of the waterfall-driven power plant outside the Wurstfest beer-garden in Fredericksburg.

10/31/06: Mog10/31/06: Cast of Clue
Shots from the office Halloween party--at left, Mog. At right, the cast of "Clue".

10/29/06: Happy the Shrimp!10/29/06: Pinks and Blues

A happy little shrimp from the Moody Gardens aquarium, Galveston, and a shot of a hibiscus peeking through a berry bush of some sort--I'm really happy with the flower pic!

10/28/06: The Moon Goddess and Sun God10/31/06: Storytelling

Two wonderful costumes at Texas Renaissance Festival--the Sun and Moon God and Goddess--and me looking kinda scary at the church pagan group's Samhain ritual.
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