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Christmas at Chukar I

Badger: Oooh!
[Badger takes unopened package of purple lights.]
Spotty: I'll let you string them up.
Badger: I'll put them on the tree, it's a little bare.
[Badger struggles with putting lights on a decorated tree, and plugs in lights.]
Butterfly: They're pink!
Badger: No, they're not, they're just a red purple.
Butterfly: That's flamingo pink.
Badger: It's not flamingo pink!
Spotty: I don't think a tree can have masculinity issues.
Badger: It's not pink. I've seen pink, and that's not it.
Spotty: Okay, it's got some blue on the edges--oh, wait, that's my glasses. That's pink, there.
Butterfly: It's a pretty pink!
Spotty: It's not the worst possible pink...
[an hour later...]
Badger: Okay, you're right, it's pink.
Butterfly: It's pretty, though.
Badger: We'll call it pinkle.
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