Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Celebrating Allfoodsday--

It's Thanksgiving, which may actually be my second-favorite holiday, because I'm a foodie. I like Christmas most, because of the hype and presents and the food element is essentially the same, and because it's the last gasp of the year and a good time to mark surviving it with family (New Years' Eve is good for that, too, but it's not a family event.)

It's healthy to stop and count blessings, particularly if you're an angst-moppet (I can be) and let yourself get overwhelmed with difficulties. Stable job, loving family, doting significant other that buys me things and gives me lots of attention and sometimes turns me toward sunlight, a good church community, stable job, no debt at all, reasonable health. Not too many things to bring down my blessings level--finances aren't quite good enough to get a home, but that's just the flip side of having enough money to think of getting one.

But that's not what the holiday's about. It's about food.

Mom still won't let me touch the turkey--the only thing that's considered "mine" is the sweet potatoes. Two years ago I spiked them with something like a cup of rum. Last year, I gave everyone fat poisoning and a sugar rush with praline-style sweet potatoes.

This year--*checks fridge*--eight little dishes of low-fat, sugar free sweet potato creme brulee. I'm sure Emeril would have a fit at the way I've bastardized his recipe.

I just finished an hour and a half of simmering eggnog made with Splenda and fat-free half-and-half (about half the calories of so-called "light" eggnog from the store, and much better). And I'm making a veggie side this year of pseudo mashed potatoes (made from pureed steamed cauliflower--I won't say it's indistinguishable from real mashed potatoes, but you'd have to know what it was to tell the difference)

I love this holiday :) I think for Christmas I'll try to get mom to let me make the turkey--Whines turned me on to the Austin Chronicle's grilled turkey tips, or maybe I'll scrap it all, go southwestern, and make turkey tacos :)

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