Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Christmas--Reports from the Field

Whew! Christmas is still in full swing at my mother's house in South Austin. Aaand, it's Whines' and my second Christmas together as partners. We finished unwrapping presents at about two, and everyone's gifts were pretty successful--I was worried about a pretty necklace and a hewge set of mushroom-motif kitchenware, but she seemed to have loved everything this year.

Now, we're cooking. I'm getting some serious man-points on the dinner this year--Patricia asked me to grill the turkey. So, here's the modifiers:

Meat--pure meat. Base 5 points, will serve at least 10 people, X2 modifier. So, starting, 10 points. Grilled, that's usually good for +50%. But, I had the rare privilege of hacking out the turkey's spine with a carving knife. I'm thinking I must be pulling in at least 20 points from this one. I did end up making a garlic vinaigarette rather than simply opening two bottles of Italian dressing. That's going to be a small deduction. But I did get to hold the turkey's spine over my head and scream barbarically, which probably helps :)

Now, on to make a lovely sweet potato cassarole and yam muffins.

Edit: Score! Josef thinks that the fact that I'm grilling a turkey two pounds over the recommendation for the recipe will probably offset the "made gay salad dressing" penalty!

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