Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

From Spam, the Musical--

"Chain letters offering wealth or disaster
Sent to my box by an absolute stranger--
Tragic car wrecks and cancer of the brain,
these things can happen, when you break the chain--

Supressed herbal supplements containing viagra,
To resize and recalibrate your genitalia--
Your lover thinks you're at least three sizes too small,
But Barbara can help if you give her a call--

Anonymous mailers with poor comma splices,
catering to over a hundred strange vices,
hot cum-crazed bondage slut nymphos from hell,
these are the things I recieved from AOL--

Twelve indecent
that I won't repeat,
I forward them to my ex-girlfriend and then,
and then I just press...(delete)."
Tags: poetry
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