Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Real estate rambling--

What do I want in a house? Whines and I have slightly different desires on this front.

I think the kitchen at my house is big enough. A large one just lends itself to clutter. I think I'd like a medium sized kitchen with lots of storage more than a large kitchen.

Rooms--if it's just going to be Whines and I sharing a house, then I guess we need one large bedroom and either a small bedroom or a study. But I think we both want a roommate, maybe two in the future, though I don't know who that person will be. It cuts costs a bit, but more, we like company.

Living rooms--two, bare minimum. One for entertainment--lights and TV. One for quieter company. If one of these rooms is large enough to double as a dining room, that would be ideal.

Dining room--This is only a medium priority for me, and isn't even on Whines's list. I like the idea of one. But I'm elitist. A nicely appointed dining room is a mark of sophistication, for me. If there's a room large enough to serve the needs of both a chat room and a dining room, that would be ideal. If we have three living rooms, somehow, then one of these might serve this need. A kitchen with a dining nook might do just as well, but that doesn't have the elitist thing going. You can't entertain in the kitchen.

Bare minimum: I think we're looking for something with 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 living areas, and a garage. If there was a good rate for something in a good location with only 2 bed, that'd work and we can upgrade later, but it's not my preference.

Babble, babble.

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