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Open mouth, insert foot--

Well, I was *trying* to deliver a compliment, though of course, my mouth is almost always not receiving signals directly from my brain, but mostly mediatated through my brain stem, where the base sense of humor resides. Or maybe I was just wanting a sexual harrassment suit, for novelty's sake. I can always plead gay.

All the staff is kind of groggy and disfunctional after a five-day weekend--yay, city entirely unprepared for a small amount of sleet.

Reasonably attractive co-worker, of the "I'm no Barbie, but I'm in good shape, I guess" physical type:
"Oh my god, I'm so out of it, I've been dragging my ass all day."

Stupid hyena, male: "Well, there's not a lot to drag."

I swear, I was trying for a tongue-in-cheek compliment. *sigh*

This seems to be a bit of a no-win quip. Clearly, what the female wants is an appropriately sized ass. One would not, presumably, want to have a large ass, but to have a small ass would be boney, and also undesirable (though I'd imagine less so than an oversized model).

Of course, I'm not a female. My mom jokes that I'm the daughter she never had, but really, to my mind, being gay distances you from the female mind to a large degree. I guess that varies by individual, though, certainly some gay guys I know loved hanging out with crowds of girls and being the gay boyfriend type.


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Jan. 19th, 2007 05:04 am (UTC)
Yup. You're just screwed with that one. And you can't even really apologize for it later - it would make it out to be an even bigger deal, and negate any chance you might have that she has miraculously forgotten the whole incident. Hiding under your desk is obviously the mature, responsible thing to do.
Jan. 19th, 2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
Oh thank god, I was already demonstrating my maturity :) Luckily she's in another department.
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