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Tagged, apparently--

Tagged! Now, I fear I must meme :)

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

Ten's hard! That's a lot of factoids!

1) I modelled underwear once. Granted, I was four, and they were "Superman" underroos, but it was the front page of the Sunday "Advertising" section of the Austin American Statesman. And I was a little aryan cherub, too.

2) As a furry, I hyperidentify with some animal or another. In 7th-9th grade it was wolves. 10th-11th, red foxes. 12th, coyotes. Early college, no commitments, but a vague general association with werewolves. Hyenas have only been a fixation since mid-college (which was, sadly, about 10 years ago). I'm thinking of changing to german shepherds, though--I'd have to change all my icons :(

3) I really don't know how many cookies I've made in my life, but quite a bit. I baked for a large church every week for something like five years. My estimate is over 50,000 cookies. One time, the personal assistant of the Archbishop of Canterbury strongly endorsed my gingersnaps.

4) I taught myself to spin my eyes wildly around by staring fixedly at a mirror and rapidly moving my head in a circle. Really.

5) My movie debut was in the film "UberGoober." I appear as the curly-headed guy sitting with a girl (Hi, Samantha!) in front of a massive wall of game books, and also in both the trailer and the easter egg. I came across as both extremely dorky and rather gay. I really can't argue with either of these.

6) I used to be able to bless coke machines. If they were rejecting dollars of change, I could lay on hands and pray, and they would immediately accept the currency. My powers were miraculous, I convinced skeptics. They faded in college, about the time I became an agnostic--I don't know if these things were related.

7) I have a large mason jar in my bathroom filled with tiny pink orbs, ranging from translucent white to deep primrose, from about the size of a period to about 2 mm wide. These are "Do not Eats," silica gel dessicants. I wrote a poem about them, and my game master gave me about 200 packets of the things. I still save every packet I find. Someday, I'll fill the jar.

8) The only time I got into trouble in High School was when I was wandering around with my HS friend wearing cloaks. The only time I got into trouble in middle school was when I attacked one of the altos in choir, but really, he started it. I was in trouble ALL the time in elementary school, because you could get detention for not turning in your homework.

9) This isn't a "little known fact," most of my friends know it, but I rode the short bus for a year in middle school when I was sent to a deep-woods cabin program for deeply troubled students. I'm still not sure why I was sent there. I was also in the special education program for three years, but not in a major way. The only explanation I can find for this is that the state needed the funding.

10) I collected business cards for years. Had them organized by subject and appearance. I did this all through middle and high school, and still have my binders. I don't collect them anymore, but it's hard for me to walk by a bulliten board and not look to see which ones I would have grabbed.

Tag! A lot of the people I would have tagged were pinged in mighty_emu's post...

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