Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Invest in matress springs--double your worth!

Free food. Ate too fast, typical. Got hiccups.
Went upstairs to get soda. Put $1.00 in. Noticed sign--"The Front Desk Will Reimburse Lost Fortunes." Ignored. Pressed "Diet Dr. Pepper."
No response. Looked puzzled. Noticed that sodas were $1.25. Made high-pitched whining noise.
Pressed coin return. Machine made strange grinding sound, spat out $.40 in dimes, while carefully counting $1.00 to itself.
Wandered back downstairs, still hiccupping. Scrounged through change. Couldn't find any. Went downstairs to cafeteria to buy a soda with a $20.
Found $1 on floor. Score! Happily trotted downstairs to get soda.
Hiccups gone.
Sodas downstairs are $.75/can. This saddens.

Net gain: $.15 and a small plate of hiccup-inducing cold cuts.
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