Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend highs and lows:

Spent most of the weekend, from late Friday to late Sunday, working on a keyboard I'm hacking. Built a "break-out" box for it to serve as a control panel, finished doing all the wiring on Sunday.

Saturday--shopping, primarily. Not a lot accomplished beyond that, but that's fun.

Went to see Epic Movie (the horror, the horror) and Pan's Labyrinth (the horror, the horror) on Sunday, spending the day predictably with Whines and less predictably with Nick_Ursine. This was a treat, and both movies were enjoyable--though I wouldn't recommend Epic Movie to anyone I liked. Pan's Labyrinth was intricate and beautiful, like a delicately embroidered gown Marie Antoinette might have been wearing before she was decapitated--beautiful, intricate, and soaked in blood.

Came home to finish wiring keyboard, found out that I'd lost the on-off switch. I'm actually surprised by this, it's a hard component to lose, and the connections it controls are a little bit confusing. I'm not totally sure I can wire them back together with a store-bought switch. Fretted and fumed and searched for about 30 minutes, gave up and took apart one of my other keyboards to at least have something to compare to--and lost THAT switch. Once Whines pulled me off the ceiling and I calmed down, I experimented a bit--I think I can make this work, but it's going to be a bit tricky.

Overall, a good weekend--I enjoyed obsessing about my project, I love hanging out with Nick, but I was soooo close to being done with that keyboard (or at least able to start debugging) that not being able to finish is way the heck stressful. Growl. Add to that the fact that it's hard to test whether something is working or not...*sighs* I can't figure out what happened to that switch, I've turned the living room upside down to find it, but it's just gone :( Of course, now that I've totally destroyed the assembly it was supposed to go into, it'll probably turn up in the dishwasher.

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