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Brief, brief--Went to huge, 45+ person furries party, which was, experientially, a bit like shoving altoids up both nostrils. Alarming, but invigorating. As a crowd, friendlier, more energetic, better about bringing food (eek! Competition!), wittier and better-educated than, as a crowd, gamers. Slightly cleaner, too :) I don't know why gamers are considered higher-functioning geeks than furries. Except for the wanting-to-wear-a-tail-to-work thing.

I never want to be 18 again, and I want my second childhood, or possibly fourth, I don't know what I'm up to now, to hover at 25-ish. People that live in egocentric universes terrify me, and I cannot, cannot, cannot communicate with someone whose diet consists entirely of pizza and soda. There's just so little common ground!

Whines (baktre)still snores. It's an amazing sound. Like rolling thunder with allergies.

Thank you so much, sdocat for taking me to the Moody Gardens in Galveston. What a treat! And I even got a new stuffed hyena out of the deal :)

Since we were talking about Jewish grandmothers, I got double-teamed at the party. I should probably be a little more intelligent about food-poisoning situations, but, gosh, throwing away food? What a horrible idea. I had a dish of chicken salad that, well, could concievably have been suspect, it'd been on the counter all night, but...mmm, food...and the party hostess's mother came in, and then dragged in another mother, to keep me from almost certain suspect chicken. It was creepy, being double-mothered, neither of my parents being what you'd call protective, or overly concerned about salmonella. Washing about two pounds of chicken salad into a disposal nearly made me cry :( It had almonds in it, too. And golden raisins.

(Spotty, hyenas can eat a week-old gazelle and walk away. People that have hyena stuffed aminals sitting on their computer monitor and watched "The Lion King" 17 times, really, can't.)
(Well, yes, this is true.)

That was a whole lot of people trying to be cute. Wow. Such an altoid-up-the-nose weekend. Most of them succeeded, too :)
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