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Looking for bugs in all the wrong places--

Received a cheerful complaint from a customer that her bugs were missing.

We have one series with large, colorful posters with velcro attachment points, so you can, say, put a picture of a cow in the meadow, to demonstrate the concepts of "cow," "meadow," and maybe "put."

The poster in question shows a pair of frogs eating insects. The customer was supposed to get a stick-on cricket, fly, worm, spider, ladybug, bee, mosquito, nad butterfly.

They only got a cricket. Very sad. After a string of email in which we pledged to "locate the bug in the system", pun ad nauseum, I ordered the poster and bug set in, only to get...just the cricket. Just like the customer, actually.

I went on to our inventory/shipping dude, and asked him about it. He says the bugs have been trouble lately, that they've ended up in the "parts of the house" set, even the "things you see on the street" set--a giant butterfly cruising down the road, the size of a house. beautiful.
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