Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Multi-classing my Papers and Paychecks character sheet again.

So, old job gone.

They made up my job for me, mostly to keep me from quitting. And my old position got eliminated.

However, I have a new job in a different department, this time doing inventory planning. Scary, scary. All numbers and maintanance issues. Not really my strong suit, though I've demonstrated a suprising, to me at least, aptitude for the numbers.

The main benefits to this are that I'll be getting a modest little 5% raise, which is a good thing. And if I know anyone that's physically aroused by MS Excel I'll have some great pillow-talk, since Excel will be about 90% of my job.

Things change, things remain the same.

I'm sad about one thing, though. I feel ever so slightly like I'm growing a little more mundane, even further from language and art. I'm not happy about that, but Path said, wisely for a hyena, that work is what you use to fund your passions. So, that.
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