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Bye-bye, sofa...

I've got a taker for the bowling alley couch :(

This is a good thing, it'll have someone that cares about it, but it's a sad thing, too, because...what a couch. Oh, well...*puts on strict Utilitarian hat* its presence in a new house will increase the amount of happiness in the universe by that much, and will be one less thing we have to move this coming Winter.

My fondest memory of said sofa would have to be about three weeks after Whines and I first kissed, when my housemates unexpectedly left us entirely alone in the house on a Friday night. I have some very positive associations with sparkly gold vinyl and Mel Brooks's "Spaceballs". *blush*

And it was beautiful with every novelty light in the house glowing on it. Yay, couch :) Bring someone else joy for a few years :)

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