Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Learning Opportunities Ahead--

Or, "Pride Goeth Before a Fall." I just got a new job--taking over from someone who I've been Excel-mentoring for the last year.

I'll be doing inventory planning. I'll be juggling conflicting demands of companies that insist that we spend a certain amount of $100Ks a year on a certain number of books, with the variables of "increased cost for reduced print run size" and "different pricing matrixes for each of our vendors."

He told me that I should use the spreadsheets he built five years ago, without access to lookups, matches, SUMIF, non-hard-coded variables...oi.

I'm looking at this as a great opportunity, but also a chance to f**k up in the multi-million-dollar range. Wheee!

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